Version History

8.2 Updates

Version 8.2.10

  • Don't put key items on curtain minigame with Tk flag since it's missable.

Version 8.2.9

  • Added "show equips" flag to show what characters can equip items even if they're not found yet.
  • A few more new wishes.

Version 8.2.8

  • Added no XP flags for boss fights and invincibility stars.
  • Minecart music added to boss music shuffle.
  • New wishes added.

Version 8.2.7

  • Fixed certain enemies break(er)ing the game with Breaker Beam.

Version 8.2.6

  • Fixed Johnny dying when he still has HP left.

Version 8.2.5

  • Dream Cushion can only reward consumables since it grants the item twice currently.
  • Bugged repleneshing chest in Box Boy room converted back to frog coin as in vanilla.

Version 8.2.4

  • Fixed shuffling Goomba Thumping first reward.
  • Certain non-depletable chests can now only contain coins or a recovery mushroom.

Version 8.2.3

  • Fixed issue with item prices going negative if stat shuffle is bad enough in rare cases.

Version 8.2.2

  • Stop trying to make Bowser's Keep wrong warp a thing, it's not going to be a thing.

Version 8.2.1

  • Fixed "You Missed!" item appearing at key item spots when mixing key items with chests.

Version 8.2.0

  • Added "No Free Characters" option to start with a single character in open mode. You have to find all the others.
  • Added Choose Starting Character and Exclude Character options.
  • Added enemy spell shuffle flag.
  • Equipment shuffle rebalancing from AmazingAmpharos.
  • Palette shuffle flag is now available for Linear mode as well.
  • When shuffling bosses, overworld sprites for those bosses will now change as a preview/hint to show which boss is at that spot.
  • Fixed softlock issue with Machine Made Drill Bit enemies during formation shuffle.

8.1 Updates

Version 8.1.2

  • Added some more wishes and quiz questions from community submissions.
  • Fixed wrong character starting levels in linear mode.

Version 8.1.1

  • Fixed some typos and added more wishes and quiz questions.
  • Bundt has a 50% chance to be a chocolate cake with palette shuffle instead of 100%.

Version 8.1.0

  • Added warp to Smithy in Grate Guy's Casino available once the Bright Card is obtained.
  • Added community messages for Star Hill wish dialogs (more to be added in the future).
  • Added Dr. Topper quiz shuffle flag with community questions (more to be added in the future). Thanks to patcdr for help with these!
  • Fixed crash with some flag combinations.
  • Fixed dummy items appearing in NPC reward spots with some flag combinations.

8.0 Updates

Version 8.0.0

  • Revamped front end UI and flag selection, and include flag hash in the filename.
  • Added API for generating seeds with permalinks for race bots (ask for details in the Discord if you're a bot developer!)
  • Replaced seed number with version on name entry screen. Hash values on file select should be used for verification instead.
  • Added a brand new non-linear mode: Open. Previous mode is now called Linear. Changes for this are too numerous to list here, but some open-mode specific changes are as follows:
    • Key item shuffle available along with chest/reward shuffling. There are a LOT of options available for chest/reward shuffling logic including mixing key items with them!
    • Boss shuffle with stat scaling similar to Free Enterprise, plus music shuffle option.
    • Star piece shuffle that randomizes where star pieces are located to access the endgame.
    • Bowser's Keep minigame randomization, ex. Ball Solitaire and Magic Buttons.
    • Geno can now use other's weapons, and they can use his.
    • Fixed Hurly Gloves softlock issue in some situations, and also allow Mario to use them.
    • Group Hug can now be learned by anyone.
  • The Seed, Fertilizer, and Bright Card items are now Special Items and no longer appear in shops.
  • Reworked character stat shuffle so stats should increase more evently as characters level up, and will always increase by at least 1 for each level.
  • Complete revamp of shop shuffle logic and item pricing.
  • Fixed a data corruption bug that resulted in wrong Psychopath text for weaknesses.
  • Fixed issue with Smithy 2 having different HP for each head.
  • Added sanity check option for enemy shuffle for attack power multiplier and status effects.

7.1 Updates

Version 7.1.7

  • Healing spells no longer miss due to spell hitrate shuffling.

Version 7.1.6

  • Adjusted boss immunities and weaknesses to allow elemental attacks to be more useful in general.

Version 7.1.5

  • Removed Fireworks item from the shop shuffle because it doesn't do anything in a normal shop.

Version 7.1.4

  • Split equipment shuffle flag into separate flags for stats and which characters can equip them.

Version 7.1.3

  • Adjusted chances of special properties on equipment lower for balance.

Version 7.1.2

  • Fixed issue with custom flags being used in full randomize mode by mistake

Version 7.1.1

  • Fixed special property item descriptions still showing vanilla text

Version 7.1.0

  • Added option to shuffle elemental protections and status immunities of equipment
  • Updated descriptions of equipment to show special propery and stats info with custom icons
  • Enemy shuffle now allows a tiny (1/255) chance for bosses to be vulnerable to instant KO
  • Psychopath now reveals shuffled enemy immunities and weaknesses when perfectly timed

7.0 Updates

Version 7.0.2

  • Fixed issue with coins still being capped at 999 when getting coins from a chest outside of battle

Version 7.0.1

  • Fixed a bug where instant KO attacks could bypass instant KO protection from equipment
  • Fixed softlock with some flying enemies on certain screen coordinates in battle

Version 7.0.0

  • Full rewrite of backend logic for future feature support, faster patch generation, and smaller patch size
  • Switched to new version numbering with major/minor version
  • Added hash values for names on file select screen to verify seed
  • Updated cutscene skip patch for a few remaining cutscenes and bug fixes
  • Mario can now be swapped out of the active party members
  • Max coin amount has been increased to 9999
  • Because of max coin change, shop prices for items are now allowed to go beyond 999 when shuffled
  • Fixed issue where levels could progress beyond 30 leading to bad things happening
  • Fixed bad enemy battle screen coordinates that could cause softlocks in certain cases
  • Dodo solo fight now ends when Dodo is at 60% of his shuffled HP, not always 600 HP

V6 Updates

  • Channel Title and Title ID are now changed for Wii Virtual Console WAD files when packing so the title includes the seed number to tell them apart, and the channel and save data will not conflict with other seeds or commercial VC games
  • Added new option to randomize the order characters join the party (points at which they join are still the same)
  • Cutscene skip patch is now mandatory due to party join shuffle (and other future features)
  • Dropped support for JP version due to cutscene skip patch modifications being mandatory
  • Starting FP is now shuffled as well when randomizing spell stats
  • Fixed issue with Bowyer's button lock attack doing damage or applying status effects
  • Removed damage numbers from attacks which have the instant death flag
  • Group Hug now guaranteed not to be the final spell learned by Peach
  • New algorithm for exp required to level up to smooth out progression curve

V5 Updates

  • Move to new web-based front end
  • Added cutscene skip patch for US/EU ROM (thanks Alanim!)
  • Added ability to pack randomized ROM in corresponding Virtual Console WAD file to play on Wii VC
  • Seed number now appears on name entry screen in JP version as well
  • Debug Bomb no longer appears in shops
  • Excluded Apprentice enemy from formation shuffle to avoid battle event script problems
  • Fixed issue with some boss enemies mistakenly being shuffled with normal enemy groups
  • Exclude certain characters from equipping certain weapons that cause softlocks when used by them
  • Cap exp required for level up at 9999 for max level
  • Other debug status bombs no longer appear in shops
  • Fixed randomization of Geno Boost stats so it doesn't break the spell

V4 Updates

  • Lower rate of high multiplier physical attacks
  • Disciple's shop only has 10 items
  • Change file select on Japanese version
  • Peach always gets Group Hug

V3 Updates

  • Limit number of enemies to 6 (issues with spell animation/targeting)
  • Add Snifit to the list of boss enemies
  • Add Hangin' Shy to boss enemies
  • Yoshi's Cookie items can only be consumables
  • Don't randomize equippability of Geno's weapons (game freezes)
  • Don't randomize enemy attacks for early game mandatory battles
  • Misc tweaks to enemy attack randomization

V2 Updates

  • Remove glitchy enemies from the intro
  • Limit randomization of monster exp
  • Ban a few more enemies from being shuffled
  • Make the experience curve a little more friendly early on
  • Don't randomize equippability of certain buggy weapons
  • Sanity checks for selecting frog coin items
  • More conservative buff randomization
  • Don't intershuffle attack and magic attack

V1 Updates

  • Initial version