Flag & Mode Explanations

Mechanical changes to Super Mario RPG

File Select Changes

  • The character that appears on the file select screen is randomized.
  • The names of the four save slots are randomized (no longer MARIO1, MARIO2, etc).
  • The combination of the character and save slot names serves as a verification hash value to confirm that racers all have the same seed.

General Gameplay Changes

  • Mario is now swappable with other characters in the party.
  • The maximum number of coins you can hold is increased to 9999. Item prices in shops can also go above 999 as a result of this.
  • The Seed, Fertilizer, and Bright Card items are now Special Items that cannot be sold and do not take up normal inventory space.

Cutscene Skip

The randomizer applies a patch which skips most of the cutscenes and text in the game. This patch only works on the US or EU version, since the EU version is based on the US one. Only these regions are supported as a result.

Equipment & Psychopath

Progression Modes


The primary open world mode of this randomizer! Open mode significantly changes the base game in a number of ways. In general, this is a non-linear mode where almost the entire map is open to you from the beginning. You must recover the star pieces (in any order) to open the way to the Factory and the endgame. This means you can go into high level areas at a comparitively low level, so save often!

  • The first star pieces must be collected in order to open the path to Bowser's Keep/Factory.
  • Those star pieces may not be on their vanilla bosses, depending on the flags used.
  • Smithy must still be defeated to finish the game as normal.
  • Dying to any of the bosses in Bowser's Keep after the doors (Magikoopa, Boomer, Exor) will return you to Mario's Pad like the beginning of the game. This is to avoid the situation where the player goes through Bowser's Keep but is unable to defeat the bosses at the end to progress. If you wish to retry a boss fight, you can reset to the save point manually.
  • It is now possible to save in between the Boomer and Exor fights in Bowser's Keep. After defeating Boomer, you are returned to the entrance of the throne room. Approaching the throne a second time will begin the Exor fight.
  • After defeating Exor, you will be placed back in the throne room instead of being transported to the factory. You can leave the keep by entering the statue mouth behind the throne.
  • Melody Bay songs 2 and 3 are unlocked by clearing the Moleville Mountain minecart ride and defeating Belome 2 respectively. Song 1 is available to be played from the start.
  • Melody Bay songs must still be played in order to get the items at those spots!


The legacy mode from the original version of the randomizer. In Linear mode, while the most of the cutscenes and text have been removed, the actual progression of the plot and collection of the star pieces remains the same as the vanilla game. Story events will occur where they are supposed to, characters will join your party at the expected points (although which character it is can be randomized if desired), and stars will be awarded from the same bosses.

NOTE: This is a LEGACY mode! Many flags are unavailable in this mode, and new features are NOT being added to this as a general rule! It is significantly different from the main open world mode, and has only been kept intact to preserve some of the experience of the original version of the randomizer made by abyssonym.


The flags can significantly change the randomizer experience. They are broken into categories:

Key Items/Star Pieces
  • Randomize key items
    • The locations of key items are shuffled amongst each other. For example, you may find the Shed Key at Croco 1 instead of the Rare Frog Coin.

      The items randomized this way are the Rare Frog Coin, Cricket Pie, Bambino Bomb, Castle Key 1, Castle Key 2, Alto Card, Tenor Card, Soprano Card, Greaper Flag, Dry Bones Flag, Big Boo Flag, Shed Key, Elder Key, Cricket Jam, Temple Key, and Room Key.

    • Include Seed and Fertilizer
      • The Seed and Fertilizer will be included in the key item shuffle.

    • Include Bright Card
      • The Bright Card will be included in the key item shuffle.

  • Randomize star pieces
    • Assigns six star pieces to random boss locations, excluding Culex's Lair, Bowser's Keep, and the Factory. Collect all the star pieces to open Bowser's Keep and progress to the end of the game.

    • Shuffle seven stars
      • You must find seven Star Pieces instead of six to open the final area.

    • Include Bowser's Keep locations
      • Bowser's Keep is open from the start and the boss locations inside the keep may have Star Pieces. The Factory will be opened once you find all Star Pieces.

    • Include Culex's Lair
      • Culex's Lair in Monstro Town may have a Star Piece.

  • Randomize characters
    • Randomize character stats
      • Stats for each character will be randomized.

    • Randomize character spell stats
      • The power and FP cost of character magic spells will be randomized.

    • Randomize character join order
      • Characters join your party at the same spots, but the character you get there is randomized. The character that joins the party will have their stats and starting level scaled for that spot.

    • Randomize character learned spells
      • The spells each character learns and what level they learn them are randomized.

  • No Free Characters
    • Instead of starting with 3 characters, you start off with only one. Mushroom Way and Moleville Mines area bosses will add characters to your party in addition to Marrymore and Forest Maze.

  • Choose starting character
    • Guarantees that your first party slot will be the chosen character

    • Start as Mario
    • Start as Mallow
    • Start as Geno
    • Start as Bowser
    • Start as Toadstool
  • Exclude characters
    • If a character is excluded, their designated recruitment spot will be empty.

    • Exclude Mario
      • Mario cannot be recruited.

    • Exclude Mallow
      • Mallow cannot be recruited.

    • Exclude Geno
      • Geno cannot be recruited.

    • Exclude Bowser
      • Bowser cannot be recruited.

    • Exclude Toadstool
      • Toadstool cannot be recruited.

  • Palette Swaps
    • Your party members get a change of wardrobe!

Treasures & Rewards
  • Randomize untrapped chest contents & sidequest rewards
    • Chaotic shuffle
      • Any chest or sidequest reward may contain anything.

    • Biased shuffle
      • Chests and sidequest rewards that are harder to access will contain better items.

    • Vanilla shuffle
      • Chest and sidequest reward contents are the same as the original game, but shuffled within the same area.

    • Empty chests
      • All chests give the "You missed!" cutscene, and sidequest rewards give you nothing.

  • Replace worst chest items with coins
    • The lowest ranked items will be replaced with coins in chests.

  • Monstro Town Shuffle
    • Randomize the locations of some special equips. This flag overrides all T flags except Tx.

    • Monstro rewards only
      • The Super Suit, Attack Scarf, Quartz Charm, Jinx Belt, and Ghost Medal locations will be shuffled within each other.

    • Monstro rewards and key item rewards
      • The Super Suit, Attack Scarf, Quartz Charm, Jinx Belt, Ghost Medal, FroggieStick, Zoom Shoes, Chomp, Lazy Shell Weapon, and Lazy Shell Armor locations will be shuffled within each other.

    • Exclude elsewhere
      • The items shuffled by your selected option will not appear in any shops or any other chests or reward spots.

  • Randomize shops
    • Shop contents and prices will be shuffled

    • Chaotic shop inventory
      • Any shop may contain anything.

    • Biased shop inventory
      • Shops that are harder to access will contain better items.

    • Vanilla shop inventory
      • Shops will only contain items that were available in the original game's shops, shuffled amongst each other.

    • Empty shops
      • All shops contain only the Goodie Bag.

  • 'Free' Shops
    • All shop items will cost 1 coin. You will start with 9999 coins and 99 frog coins.

  • Randomize enemies
    • Randomize enemy drops
      • The EXP and items received from enemies will be randomized.

    • Randomize enemy formations
      • Normal enemy battle formations will be randomized. Boss formations are not affected.

    • Randomize enemy stats
      • Enemy stats and immunities/weaknesses will be randomized.

    • Randomize enemy attacks
      • Enemy spells and attacks will have their power and potential status effects randomized.

    • Randomize enemy spells
      • Enemies can cast random spells. I.E. Mack could cast Blast instead of Flame.

    • No safety checks
      • Removes safety checks on enemy attack shuffle that prevent abnormally large effects.

  • Randomize bosses
    • The positions of bosses (including Pandorite, Hidon, and Box Boy) are shuffled. By default, when a boss is moved, its stats are scaled to match its new location.

    • Randomize boss music
      • Battle music will be randomized for each boss fight.

    • Include Culex
    • Don't scale stats
      • Boss stats will not be scaled to match the battle it's replacing.

  • Randomize equipment
    • Randomize equipment stats
      • Attack, defense, magic attack, magic defense, and speed granted by equipment will be randomized

    • Randomize equipment buffs
      • Special buffs granted by equipment will be randomized (attack/defense boost, elemental/status immunities). See Resources page for an explanation of these.

    • Randomize allowed characters
      • Each equip's list of characters that can wear it will be randomized.

    • No safety checks
      • Normally certain namesake items retain their protections: Fearless Pin, Antidote Pin, Trueform Pin, and Wakeup Pin. In addition, at least four equipment will have instant KO protection. This flag removes those checks.

  • XP boost
    • Earned experience points are increased for faster levelling.

    • Double XP
      • XP is doubled

    • Triple XP
      • XP is tripled to simulate no XP split

  • No XP from regular encounters
    • Bosses still award XP.

  • No XP from bosses
    • Bosses don't reward XP.

  • Star EXP progression challenge
    • Invincibility stars give exp based on the number of star pieces collected.

    • Balanced
        • 0 stars - 2 exp
        • 1 star - 4 exp
        • 2 stars - 5 exp
        • 3 stars - 6 exp
        • 4 stars - 8 exp
        • 5 stars - 9 exp
        • 6/7 stars - 11 exp
    • Difficult
        • 0 stars - 1 exp
        • 1 star - 2 exp
        • 2 stars - 3 exp
        • 3 stars - 5 exp
        • 4 stars - 6 exp
        • 5 stars - 7 exp
        • 6/7 stars - 11 exp
    • None
      • All stars give 0 XP

  • Minigames
    • Randomize Ball Solitaire
      • The layout for the Ball Solitaire minigame will be randomized.

    • Randomize Magic Buttons
      • The layout for the Magic Buttons minigame will be randomized.

    • Randomize Dr. Topper Quiz
      • The question pool for the Dr. Topper quiz will include new questions provided by the community.

  • Boss Glitch & Exploit Removals
    • No Mack Skip
      • You will not be able to skip the boss in Mushroom Kingdom.

    • Fix Magikoopa
      • Fixes Magikoopa bug after King Bomb explodes that prevents him from taking further actions.

    • No instant KOs on boss allies
      • You will not be able to use Geno Whirl or Pure Water to OHKO any allies to a boss (Mallow Clone, Mad Mallet, Fautso, etc).

    • No Geno Whirl on Exor
      • Fixes the Exor bug where he is vulnerable to Geno Whirl when the eyes are stunned.

  • Change Fake Mushroom's Status
    • Randomize the status effect inflicted on a party member with the Fake Mushroom. It will only give one status effect per seed, which has a 1/8 chance of being Invincibility.

  • Randomize Bowser's Keep Door Contents
    • 1 Bowser Door
      • You must complete 1 door in Bowser's Keep to proceed to the first boss fight.

    • 2 Bowser Doors
      • You must complete 2 doors in Bowser's Keep to proceed to the first boss fight.

    • 3 Bowser Doors
      • You must complete 3 doors in Bowser's Keep to proceed to the first boss fight.

    • 4 Bowser Doors
      • You must complete 4 doors in Bowser's Keep to proceed to the first boss fight.

    • 5 Bowser Doors
      • You must complete 5 doors in Bowser's Keep to proceed to the first boss fight.

    • 6 Bowser Doors
      • You must complete all 6 doors in Bowser's Keep to proceed to the first boss fight.

    • Shuffle Bowser's Keep
      • Each of the 6 Bowser's Keep doors will contain 3 random rooms from any of the original 6 doors.

  • Enable Factory Warp
    • Once you collect all your Star Pieces, you can talk to Grate Guy to warp directly to the final boss.

  • Show Equips
    • Always show who can equip what in stores.


Seed is a number used to randomize the game. If you want to generate the same game as somebody else for racing, you can enter an exact seed here. If you just want a fresh experience, leave this blank and the site will generate it automatically.