What is the Super Mario RPG Open World Randomizer?

A program that shuffles around a bunch of stuff in Super Mario RPG! The world looks the same, the game's objective is the same, but plenty of things can get shuffled around — such as playable characters, monsters, progression items, shop items, character/equipment/monster stats, and even Star Pieces! It's a different experience every time!

This new version is an open world randomizer, inspired by other works such as the FF4: Free Enterprise randomizer. This means most of the map is open from the start which drastically changes the gameplay!

Woah cool! Where do I download this?

You don't! This new randomizer is entirely web-based. You simply provide your original ROM to the site, and it does the rest. No downloading required! Click the Generate Randomized Game link to get started!

Sweet! How do I play this thing?

The "How To Play" link provides details about how to get the game working on your platform of choice (SNES, Wii, or PC emulator)! Check out the "Flag & Mode Explanations" link for more details about the changes to the game, and the "Player's Guide" link to jog your memory on what the game has in store!

Awesome! Can I play with others?

Yes! Join the #randomizer channel of our discord at http://discord.smrpgspeedruns.com! If you're interested in speedrunning the original game, check out our community wiki at http://www.smrpgspeedruns.com!

Just who is responsible for this thing?

This program wouldn't have been possible without the work of several people: